Getting Started

The first question that needs answering is: What is a sim?

Very good question! The answer is actually pretty simple. A sim is a game of sorts, where all the players take part in simulating things happening in a specific setting by writing what happens.

Can I get an answer more specific to this particular sim?

Yes, of course. This sim is set in the Star Trek universe. The players each create their own Star Trek character for use in the sim. We "play" using e-mail. A player participates in the sim by writing what s/he wants to occur next in the storyline in an e-mail and sending it to the sim. We call this "posting".


In order to further the storyline going on in a sim, a player has to write and send a post to the sim's mailing list. Posting is the core of a PBEM sim. Without posts, there is no story. Without a story, there is no sim.

I get it! So how do I write a post?

Another excellent question. There are two answers to that question provided on this site:
- Basics of Posting gives an overview on how to write a post and the basic format of posting used in this sim.
- Guide to Simming By E-mail has very detailed instructions on writing good posts.

Okay good. But those only tell me the form of a post. Is there anything to help me with content?

Absolutely! Again there are two answers to that question provided on this site:
- Helpful Hints provides guidelines to follow and questions to answer when posting.
- CO Wants You to Know contains a set of notes about the Star Trek universe that the CO desperately wants every member of the crew to know.

I just noticed something. You refer to this as a PBEM sim. Does that mean there are other kinds of sims?

Yes it does. Other sims run either in chat rooms at specific times or are what are called MUDDs. The advantage PBEM sims have over these other kinds of sims is that we don't require you to be present at a pre-defined time and you can play whether or not you're the only one online. We're flexible, allowing you to sim when your schedule permits. :)