Duty Shifts

What     When     (When)     OIC in Ops     Also on duty
Alpha shift: 0700 - 1500 hours (7am to 3pm) Lt. Cmdr. Taylor Lt. von Erntemond, Operations
Lt.J.G. S'Avok and Crewman Peterson, Tactical
Lt.J.G. Long and Ens. Long, Communications
Dr. Clarkson, OIC in Sickbay
Lt.J.G. St. Martin, Counselor in Sickbay
Lt. Dorando, OIC in Security
Maj. Kolar, OIC on Marine decks
Lt.J.G. Turner, OIC in Engineering
Lt.J.G. Sukarn, OIC of Science
Fighter Squadron Alpha Team
Beta shift: 1500 - 2300 hours (3pm to 11pm) Cmdr. Rodale Lt. Gill, Communications
Lt.J.G. Driscol, Command Center Officer
Ens. Martin, Tactical
Lt. Kaesora, OIC in Engineering
Lt. Carter, OIC on Flight Decks
Dr. Lann, OIC in Sickbay
Lt.J.G. Marco Estrada, OIC in Security
Lt.Cmdr. Taylor, OIC of Science
Fighter Squadron Beta Team
Delta shift: 2300 - 0700 hours (11pm to 7am) Capt. Concord Ens. Ruckstande, Command Center Officer
Ens. Jeta, Communications
Ens. Bristow, Tactical
Dr. T'Para, OIC in Sickbay
Ens. Vasquez, OIC in Engineering
Lt. John Wayne, OIC in Security
Lt. Vinlin, Intelligence
Fighter Squadron Delta Team