Sim Rules

Those in italics are rules which are specific to this sim.
All others come from and apply to the entirety of Independence Fleet.

Regulation Characters
1-A No character name can already be in use in the world of fiction -- be it literary, film, or television. For example, there is already a "Harry Potter" from the popular juvenile literautre; an "Indiana Jones" from the "Indiana Jones" movies; and a "Notch Johnson" from the "Son of the Beach" television program. Therefore, there can be no Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, or Notch Johnson in the fleet. However, you could have an Indiana Potter or Notch Jones, etc.
1-B A character can be from any intelligent species in Star Trek. However, there can be no assimilated Borg or characters from the Q continuum, Founders, or the like. Players can, and are encouraged to, create new races. Keep characters believable -- no God-like powers.
1-C A character may not be the (or the long lost) brother, sister, father, mother, or child of a Star Trek main character or famous re-ocurring character.
1-D The CO has final say over whether a certain character will be allowed into this sim. The better the character history/bio explains how a unique character came to be in Starfleet, the more likely the character will be accepted.

Regulation Posting
2-A This sim is rated PG-13. Do not use extensive violence, profanity, or sexual content in posts. Be mindful of our content rating. Basically, if you think *my* grandmother *might* be offended by something you write, then don't post it.
2-B Players cannot destroy the base or kill off another player's character without the CO's permission. Players are permitted to kill non-player characters and to destroy other ships.
2-C Players are not to start or end a mission without the CO's permission.
2-D Players may use either the Script or Novel posting format, however players are encouraged to use the Novel format as it is preferred by the CO.
2-E All characters must post at least once every two weeks.
2-F A character cannot post twice in a row in less than 24 hours. If this occurs the second post is assigned the previous post number with the letter "b" attached to the end of it.
2-G Players are not to bring any Star Trek main characters or famous re-occuring characters, any Q, Section 31, any Nanites or any Founders into the story without the CO's permission.
2-H Use caution when writing something that will have a major change on a character other than your own. You are permitted and *encouraged* to use and write about other members' characters. But do NOT post anything that will have a major change on another personís character without the other member's consent. If you post something that redefines the other's character and they really donít like what youíve done, the post will most likely be voided.

Regulation Miscellaneous
3-A All players must respect and follow the orders of their CO and XO.
3-B Have fun! Star Trek is about discovering new things and going to the edge of our imaginations. Don't get bogged down with technicalities, be creative and have fun!
3-C We are operating in the current Star Trek timeline. Ie.- post Voyager, pre movie 11, and no established or unestablished alternate timelines without the permission of the CO.

Feel free to email the CO with any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions you may have.

If at any point you have an issue with another member of this sim, contact the CO. If that fails to resolve your problem, or if the CO is the one you have an issue with, contact the First Officer. Whenever possible keep e-mail records to document your situation.