Long Term Plots


Ulterior Purposes

DS15, while supposedly just a frontier post trying to lay claim to a new system and maybe even sector for the Federation, is actually one big test lab for secret prototypes and dangerous experiements! Admiral Nechayev is the Starfleet Command contact for Project Ku-shana.

This page lists and explains what each secret project on DS15 is, for Out Of Story purposes ONLY. Reading this page will help you to not be confused when reading posts. Reading this page does NOT give your character this knowledge.

Information on long term story lines that are common knowledge can be found on the Surrounding Area page.

Project Ku-shana
Post Excerpt:
"It's part of project Ku-shana."

"Ku-shana?" Venrir asked.

"In older Vulcan, it means Fifteen," Victoria replied.

"And what is project Ku-shana?"

"Deep Space Fifteen *is* project Ku-shana," Victoria answered.

The Hidden Lab

Secret project headed by Lt. Cmdr. Nayla Taylor.

Post Excerpt:
Almost right next to her desk a panel in the floor silently slid to one side. Nayla heard the soft hiss of the doors locking automatically. Beneath the panel was a small flight of steps. Nayla started down them with a nervous giggle. This is a FUN base she thought.

The steps led down into a very special very private lab. It was small compared to the main lab right above it and seemed a little squat. That was because it was perfectly laid in between two decks. It was hidden directly beneath the main science lab but above the deck below. It was only a meter or so smaller in circumference fitting snugly under the main lab.

The design was dual purpose. One she could reach it easily and unnoticed from her office. Two if the shields ever faltered any scans would indicate it was the Science Lab. That would make complete sense even if it was mostly incorrect. If you found strange experiments and checked the layout finding a lab you wouldn’t think twice.

Olimbar Torpedoes

Secret project headed by Lt. Cmdr. Mira Rodale.


Secret project headed by Cmdr. Victoria Concord.

A Quantum Singularity is a celestial phenomenon caused by the collapse of a neutron star, resulting in an object so dense that neither space-normal matter nor light can escape it's gravity. Quantum singularities can range in size from microscopic to many times the size of a starship (called type-4, large enough that it trapped Voyager within its event horizon).

A FORCED Quantum Singularity is slightly different. It's still a phenomenon, and so cannot be shut down like some machine, but it's not a natural QS either. However, an FQS can still mess with space and/or time when it's not perfectly maintained, like a natural QS does consistantly.

The main security reaction to an unauthorized access attempt into Deck 39 is the person (peolpe) being beamed into the brig, everything on them except clothing is removed and deactivated, the brig cell is immediately activated and the Chief Security Officer is notifed.

Security measures in place that prevent access are: turbolifts do not recognize the command to go to Deck 39 (Deck 39 and a half must be called for); a required DNA scan; etc.

The description of DS15's FQS is detailed in this Post Excerpt:
The corridor from the turbolift led a few meters in before the entire deck opened up into one big room. In the center was a large, more accurately long, containment casing of some kind. Inside of which was a glowing green... thing.

"What is that?" Nayla asked.

Venrir turned at the question. "If I may?" he asked Victoria. She nodded. He looked up at the object. "It's a Forced Quantum Singularity," he answered.

"Yes, indeed," Victoria confirmed. "It's one of the true reasons for this starbase. And it officially doesn't exist." She looked at each officer in turn to make sure they understood. Then she continued. "It's completely experimental, based on both Romulan intelligence gathered over the past many decades of how to harness one and nearly a century of Federation research on how to create one. It's currently under my care and direct authority. Only five people on this base besides myself who are authorized to know about it: you both, Commander Rodale, who I will bring down here when her schedule permits, and when we get them, our Chief Intelligence and Security officers. The Chief of Security knowing is for obvious reasons. As is Mira and you, Kaesora, in case something happens and I'm not able to deal with it. Nayla, you're in because you're the Chief Science Officer. And our Chief Intelligence Officer will know simply so that he or she can make certain no intelligence on it gets out."

"So... we have an alternate power source on board in case the main power core is taken off line for maintenance, or if it fails, is that it?" Venrir asked.

"Partially," Victoria nodded in reply. "It's also the first field test of such technology, and so there are some experiments Starfleet wants me to run as well. Plus, if the main power core does ever fail or is taken offline, the source of the power that keeps the base running at full can't be revealed."

"Of course," Nayla replied, starting to carefully look around. "This is more than classified..."

"Yup," Victoria finished for her. "It's part of project Ku-shana."

A Trap

Secret prank readied by Cmdr. Victoria Concord.

The trap/prank is explained in this Post Excerpt:
Victoria grinned. "Actually, there's absolutely nothing on deck Forty-Nine!"

Mira gave her a questioning look. "But it's restricted, right?"

"Yup, to you and me only." Victoria laughed. "It's kind of my prank on the whole station."

Mira laughed too. "Leave it to you V to restrict a deck that has no purpose."

"Oh it has a purpose. To divert attention! The more secret something is, the more people are curious about it. I figure if anyone was going to try and break into any place they're not allowed, they'd try deck forty-nine first because it seems to be the most important. And by the time they get in and figure out there's nothing there, we'll know what they're up to."

"That's good," Mira nodded thoughtfully.

Victoria shrugged. "Well, I can't take *all* the credit. I'm actually ripping off someone else's idea..." her voice trailed off.

Mira gave Victoria a suspicious look then laughed again. "You got caught! By that same trick!"

Victoria stuck out her tongue at her best friend. "Yeah. That's how I know it *works*!"