CO Wants You to Know

This page contains a set of subjects that have come up in the CO's simming career which have needed straightening out for the CO's sanity. Knowing these things about the Star Trek universe before you post greatly reduces the CO's stress level, and she thanks you *very* much for it!

About Section 31

Section 31 is not Starfleet Black Ops. They are two very different organizations.

Section 31 is NOT some accessible part of the the Federation. The Federation Council does NOT recognize it's existance. And since Slone died, no one has had any method with which to contact Section 31. Yes, I can believe that 31 would have operatives in Starfleet Command and other branches in both Starfleet and other Federation groups. But they wouldn't go around making that known. And people of the Federation and Starfleet wouldn't have aspirations to become members of Section 31 because most all of them don't even know it exists. It *is* a secret. One that's been kept completely for over two hundred years. They have hiding their existance down to a science, and aren't about to break that or mess it up now.

Section 31 is not allowed to be used in this sim without prior permission from the CO or XO. And the explantion behind their appearance in the sim must be convincing enough to be reasonable. This isn't impossible. The CO has been convinced one before to allow a Section 31 plan into her sim, though evidence of Section 31 being behind things didn't actually turn up. The characters didn't actually know in game that Section 31 was involved, only the players out of game knew.

On the lack of the use of money

Starfleet Officers do NOT get paid.

Starfleet Academy is free to attend.

Citizens of Earth do NOT use money. Earth is completely a money-less "paradise" society.

Back in TOS time, Starfleet Officers did get paid in credits. But in the days of TNG/DS9/Voyager Starfleeters do not get paid at all. The Federation does still have credits, they are used when dealing with other governments. However, they are not given to individuals members of Starfleet as payment and individuals do not carry "credit cards". Each ship/base/settlement within Starfleet has a certain allotment of credits assigned to it by the Federation Council in case the ship/base/settlement happens to need credits to deal with another government at some point and don't have the time to go through the Starfleet bureaucracy to get them. The commander of each ship/base/settlement decides who has access to the pool of credits and for which purposes. Federation members generally live in a money-less environment.

As a whole the Federation does not use money. However, individual planets might still have a monetary system of their own form still in place (other than Earth and any soley human settlements). But it doesn't translate over into Federation credits.