Helpful Hints


In Star Trek, Starfleet uses the metric scale (meters/cm/km, grams/kg, liters, etc) like most of the world today instead of the imperial scale (inches/feet/miles, pounds, pints/quarts/gallons, etc) that the US and some other places use today. So when posting, try to remember to refer to all units of measurement using the metric scale. To help, here are a couple basic conversions:

When Posting

In every post you write you should attempt to do one of the following two things:
- Move the story along -
- Develop your character, or a relationship between your character and another -
If you can do both, more power to you!

Here are some questions that you may find helpful when trying to write a post. Just try to describe your answer to the following in your post:

And here are some things you should avoid doing:

Remember to spell check your post before sending!