Surrounding Area

DS15 is on the border of the Federation in the Alpha quadrent furthest from the Beta quadrent, in a new expansion territory.

Janova is the name of solar system which DS15 patrols, at least that's what Starfleet calls it. It has seven planets, the fourth, fifth and sixth of which lie in the system's habitable zone.

There are two different colonies and one natively inhabited planet in the Janova system besides DS15. The moon colony on Janova IV B are current allies of DS15.

Janova IV | Janova IV B | Janova V | Janova VI

Janova IV: (called Mylobrea by it's inhabitants)
Class M. Three moons. Inhabited by the Mylobreans, a low technology monarchy.

The Mylobreans know about space travel, alien races, and "modern" technology, but have rejected high technology. They are a pre-warp civilization by choice. They request, and enforce, that anyone visiting their world leave behind any technology more advanced than what they themselves use.

Their culture is very etiquette oriented. They are more tolerant of outsiders during initial visits to the planet, but do expect them to learn the Mylobrean ways as the lessons are offered if they wish to continue visiting with the Mylobreans.

The entire planet is ruled by one government. The monarchy consists of the Royal family Mylobre, who's family line has ruled for a millenia, three Advisory familes, and seven Noble families. The three moons orbiting Mylobrea were named for the three Advisory families: Babash, Droma, and Faran. The seven planets of the system were named for the seven Noble families: Delair, Rantin, Zarrd, Mylobrea, Vord, Srokin, and Qurair. The Noble family Mylobrea consists of blood relations to the Royal family Mylobre which are too distant in relation to the ruling monarch to be considered Ango, which means "Of Pure Blood." Ango is also what the Mylobreans call their sun, not by coincidence. Ango are those people who have at least 1/8 the same blood as the current monarch.

The current rulers of Mylobrea are King Derk and Queen Leona. The current member of the Royal family in charge of greeting off-world visitors is Afnideir.

Janova IV B: (called Droma by it's inhabitants)
Janova VI's second moon. Inhabited by the Mylobrean exile colony.

A small group of Mylobreans set up a city of their own on Mylobrea's second moon, Droma. They pursue higher technology, and so were exiled from the Kingdom (which is the entire planet Mylobrea). But because they still feel loyal to their families and monarchs, they decided to stay close by in case the Kingdom ever needs protection from high technology threats. The Kingdom does not acknowledge the existance of the colony, and so would never ask them for help. But the colony keeps a close monitor on things themselves so no asking would ever be necessary.

After an exodus of about 1/3 of the Dromans seeking forgiveness and acceptance back to Mylobrea, the colony has about one thousand people living in it. As Droma does not have an atmosphere, the colony is an enclosed and self-contained enviornment, parts of which connect with natural caves underneath the ground.

The two leaders of the colony, Lady Eldova and Lord Merca, are both still fiercely loyal to the King and Queen on Mylobrea, even though they do not recognize the colony's citizens as Mylobreans anymore. And so the two Droman leaders decided to uphold their heritage in their current lives as much as possible, out of respect, and some may say in self-punishment for taking steps that lead to their people's exile. Therefore, those two do not partake in any of the high technology of their colony directly when and where possible.

Janova V:
Class M. Uninhabited. Pristine wildernesses. A probable draw for R&R seekers.

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Janova VI:
Class K. Recently colonized by the Ktarians. Due to the planet's enviornment, the colony is completely enclosed and self-contained.

Apparently the Ktarians are trying to claim the system if not sector, which is in conflict with the Federation's claim on the system and possibly sector. Despite this, since they are not a hostile race, the colony and DS15 will be cordial with each other and offer help when needed. But there is no doubt in anyone's minds that there will be a "tension"...

The colony also raises an interesting question: Why did they colonize Janova IV instead of the "paradise/recreation" planet, and noteably Class M, Janova V?

Malcron is the current Governor of this colony, who rules solely but has assembled an advisory council of Kibla, Roron, and Terge, trusted friends of various different views and personalites.

Information on the Ktarian species:
Ktarians are humanoids characterized either by thier enlarged frontal skull bones and feline eyes or cranial "spike"-type ridges running from the center of their forehead over to the back of their head. Ktarians have scales on some parts of their body. Native to planet Ktaria VII. Although politiically nonaligned, in 2368 the Ktarians devised a plan they referred to as "the expansion", intended to gain control of the Federation Starfleet, and eventually of the Federation itself. They distributed a psychotropically addictive Ktarian game to members of the Enterprise-D crew, planning to use the crew as tools in their planned expansion.
Ktarians bury their dead in an elaborate manner by laying thousands of sacred stones in the tombs, each stone representing a special prayer. As a Starfleet officer, Chakotay, of the U.S.S. Voyager, once visited Ktarua VII. During a tomb expedition he picked up a rock from the burial site and later learned, to his horror, that he had desecrated the grave by taking a sacred stone.
The Ktarian chocolate puff is a confection made with 17 varieties of chocolate. Ktarian eggs are large orange-red mottled eggs that are olive green on the inside, and fried Ktarian eggs tend to be a favorite.
The massive Ktarian ice glacers are renowned for excellent skiing conditions. Ktarian music festivals are held in many places in the galaxy, including Earth, in celebration of Ktarian music.
Ensign Samantha Wildman, of the U.S.S. Voyager, her husband Greskrendtregk was Ktarian and her daughter Niamoi is half Ktarian. As was Etana Jol, who introduced the Ktarian game to Commander William Riker, of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.

The above information on Ktarians is from the Star Trek Encyclopedia. It shows that the Ktarians and the Federation are not at war, and even seem to be friendly towards each other as they allow members of each civilizations recreational activities within each others' territories. However, it also shows the Ktarians have caused trouble in the past, and that the Ktarians are actively trying to expand their territory.

Messiah Empire:
Very little is currently known about this Empire, even it's location. Under further communication is recieved, all that's known is it's existance and that Kris Wolfgang is decended from the people of this Empire.