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A Bit of History
        DS15 started on March 1st, 2003. The biggest reason behind its creation was major dissatisfaction with SB10's leadership and IDF's Admiralty's unwillingness to do anything about that. Mira and Kolar were the forces that gave VC the courage and wisdom, respectively, for Mira and herself to give up on working so hard for SB10 and start their own sim. Other voices of support including Luica and Nayla gave VC the drive to follow through. Originally VC's request to IDF to create a new starbase was denied, but she decided she would go ahead with the sim anyways as an independent. There were initially rumors and accusations of VC stealing SB10's members which caused it's awful crash. Once what had actually happened came to light - that VC had only asked one person from SB10 to join DS15, the rest had followed on their own and VC had even started turning down requests to move characters after four or so (because she knew what was happening to SB10 and that DS15 would be blamed) - IDF was forced to realize that something *actually was* very wrong on SB10, though they still refused to change the leadership at the time. After discussion, IDF's Admiralty decided accepting VC's new starbase sim to the fleet would be a good idea. (For the record, the one person asked was Nayla, to be the AXO because VC needed an experienced officer for the job, and IDF's Admiralty had to back down on that accusation of stealing since they had stated before that recruiting off other sims specifically for the purpose of filling a top position with an experienced simmer is acceptable. I believe that has since been changed.)
        DS15 has done nine missions to date, three being Joint Missions. The first JM started on April 8th, titled "Fate or Choice?", was with the USS Sunfire-B, and last little more than a week due to the Sunfire's CO ruining the plot. The second started August 16th, titled "What Now?", was with the USS GWB, and went decently despite DS15's crew doing most of the posting because the GWB crew was filled with mostly new and timid simmers. The third started January 12th, was with the USS Conqueror, and was the most successful JM to date.
        Speaking of the Conqueror, I would be remiss if I did not note how important that sim has been in DS15's history. The Conqueror was started before DS15, much to VC's annoyance, lol. The two sims immediately dominated IDF in posting numbers and for the eight months after DS15's creation. They've shared a handful of crewmembers for the length of their existences thus far. Despite a consistent resentment during the first six months of DS15 by VC that in her perception the simmers with characters on both sims thought of and acted like DS15 was their second choice, the two sims have remained close. Friendships between crewmembers of the two abound and continue to grow. Friendly competition has continuously driven the two sims to strive for their best. (And as a proud note, DS15 finally beat out the Conqueror in posting in October!) The two sims left IDF together in October of 2003, the only two sims willing to stick by their decision to not support what was viewed as an awful mistake in leadership by most of the fleet. They then also together started a self-help and have-fun type group for Star Trek sims called the United Alliance of Star Trek Sims in November.
        (See below for crew information and history and promotion information on history)

March 6th
Mission #1: Struck By the Muse

April 8th
Mission #2: Fate or Choice? (JM)

April 25th
Mission #3: The Wedding

June 30th
Mission #4: Play Nice

August 16th
Mission #5: What Now? (JM)

September 25th
Mission #6: Messages

November 11th
Mission #7: The Maze

January 12th
Mission #8: What They Seem (JM)

February 20th
Mission #9: Paradise, Janova Style

        DS15 started out with 8 members, and are now at 14 - 11 confirmed, 3 have yet to be heard from. So in one year the sim gained 14 members and lost 8. Five of the original crewmembers are still here and kicking, with two of the almost original crew (Clarkson and Gill) still here also. Not a bad turn around! In general sims do much worse on turn around than that. Most notably for DS15, the top three officers have not changed, which is unusual for an entire year on a sim.

Original Crew
Commander Victoria Concord - Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Mira Rodale - Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Nayla Taylor - Second Officer and Chief Science Officer
Major Kolar sutai-Rasmehlier - Marine Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Venrir Kaesora - Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Lucia von Erntemond - Chief Operations Officer
Lieutenant Alan Carter - Fighter Squadron Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Alanya Bincs - Chief Counselor

Further Crew
March 3rd
Lieutenant Junior Grade Oliver Clarkson - Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Savai N'gellin - Security Chief

March 6th
Lieutenant Jace Meriod - Chief Intelligence Officer

March 8th
Lieutenant Junior Grade Leeta Gill - Chief Communications Officer

March 10th
Civilian Kris Wolfgang - Singer and Teacher

May 22nd
Ensign S'Avok - Chief Tactical Officer

July 7th
Ensign Michael St. Martin - Chief Counselor

July 24th
Lieutenant Bryce Shumar - Chief Intelligence Officer

September 30th
Ensign Telrad Nobilis, Fighter Squadron member

October 10th
Ensign Aramil Nailo, Fighter Squadron member

October 25th
Lieutenant Sarah Dorando, Security Chief

February 4th
Civilian Kris Wolfgang, returned

February 16th
Civilian Erica-Mara Kang, Bounty Hunter

February 24th
Ensign Jonas 8, Assistant Medical Officer

Departed Crew
March 10th
Lieutenant Alan Carter - kept as an NPC

Lieutenant Jace Meriod - thrown forward in time to Jan. 4th, taken to SF HQ for observation

May 22/20
Lieutenant Alanya Bincs - thrown forward in time in story/ died in real life

June 16th
Lieutenant Savai N'gellin - killed in line of duty

June 17th
Civilian Kris Wolfgang - family member died so returned home

August 14th
Lieutenant Bryce Shumar - transferred to USS Washington

February 11th
Lieutenant Junior Grade S'Avok - transferred to Vulcan

February 29th
Major Kolar sutai-Rasmehlier - kept as NPC

        There have been only 6 promotions given to sim members of DS15 in it's first year. And one of them was IDF promoting VC to Captain, so only 5 promotions have been handed out by VC. Compared to other sims that is VERY little. But in VC's mind that makes them all the more special and purposeful in recognizing members' achievement. VC feels that since in real life it takes a lot to earn a promotion, and on DS15 awards are handed out each month to reward members, promotions should not be garnered easily. Three months of consecutive service is the basic requirement before she grants any promotion, and she has conceptual requirements members must meet one way or another on top of that to earn a promotion from her. It is also progressively harder to earn higher and higher promotions from her, as she feels the higher the rank the better the simmer must be. Her basic criteria of judgment in no particular order are: Star Trek knowledge, writing ability/quality, simming experience, participation, enthusiasm, helpfulness, creativity, and consistency.

July 4th
Victoria Concord to Captain
Mira Rodale to Commander
Leeta Gill to Lieutenant

September 19th
S'Avok to Lieutenant Junior Grade

November 11th
Michael St. Martin to Lieutenant Junior Grade

January 6th
Telrad Nobilis to Lieutenant Junior Grade

NPC Promotions
May 17th
Marco Estrada to Lieutenant Junior Grade (Savai)

August 18th
Frank Long to Assistant Communications Officer (Mira/VC/Leeta)

September 19th
Andsomn Driscol to Lieutenant Junior Grade (Lucia)
Frank Long to Lieutenant Junior Grade (Mira/VC/Leeta)

October 14th
Delana to Petty Officer 3rd Class (unclaimed)

January 17th
Sukarn to Assistant Science Officer (Nayla)

February 10th
Sukarn to Lieutenant (Nayla)

February 29th
Thomas Peterson to Petty Officer Third Class (Leeta)
Peter Martin to Assistant Tactical Officer (Leeta)
Janice Bristow to Lieutenant Junior Grade and (Acting) Chief Tactical Officer (Michael)