Welcome to Celestial Fleet

This fleet is a group of Star Trek play by e-mail sims, come together in an attempt to offer all the benifits of membership in a fleet without any of the drawbacks. It differs from most play by e-mail fleets in that Celestial Fleet is run by a council made up of representitives from each ship in the fleet, instead of by an Admiralty. Also, the fleet has no control over the operation of individual ships.

We are delighted to have you here. Please use the menu to the left to look around and enjoy!

Webmaster:     Jennifer

May 1, 2002
What is a Fleet like?

This question was recently asked of Celestial Fleet. Feeling this a very important fundamental question, it was decided we'd give an answer here on the fleet's website. Captain Myst's reply was:

All fleets have their own feel. So it's hard to pinpoint exactly what one is like. One important part, in my opinion, is the camaraderie it fosters between sims. There's also the ability for simmers to see how different sims are run, to help them find one that fits them well, and to let them play more than one character if they wish (and have the time!). But of course the basic idea behind a fleet is to provide a place individual sims can turn to for support if needed, and to help keep simmers having fun!