United Federation of Planets

Starfleet Command

Celestial Fleet Charter v. 2.1

Stardate 55321.5

“To create one’s own world takes courage.” –Georgia O’Keefe


1.0  Objectives


1.1  Establish guidelines for a fleet in which to base a Star Trek e-mail role-playing simulation. 

1.1.1        Said fleet to run under the guidance of a member-appointed Council.

1.2  Establish guidelines for the establishment of said Council, including:

1.2.1        Composition.

1.2.2        Appointment of members.

1.2.3        Administrative responsibilities and powers.  Dispute resolution.

1.3  Define Fleet composition and operating parameters, including:

1.3.1        Ship/starbase membership requirements.  Adding new starship/starbase members to the fleet.

1.3.2        Operational parameters.

1.3.3        Administrative responsibilities and powers.

1.3.4        The role of ship/starbase Captains.

1.3.5        The role of ship/starbase crew.

1.3.6        Chain of command and dispute resolution.

1.4  Propose the role for a “Task Force Coordinator”

1.4.1        Appointment

1.4.2        Responsibilities/operational parameters.


2.0  Fleet Guidelines


2.1  Celestial Fleet is a Star Trek-based role-playing simulation by e-mail.  It is intended exclusively for the entertainment of fellow Star Trek fans.  We are not seeking commercial fanfare nor financial gain.  Star Trek and all related materials and terminology are the property of Paramount Pictures.  Authorities from Paramount may ask Celestial Fleet to disband and desist and we will comply.  (“Resistance is futile.”)

2.2  Celestial Fleet’s goal is to provide a structured but uninhibited environment for fun, quality Star Trek-based role-playing via e-mail.

2.3  Celestial Fleet will be composed of distinct ships and/or starbases.  Each ship or starbase will have a commanding officer and a crew.   Crewmembers will participate as individual simmers in distinct roles aboard his/her specific ship/starbase.

2.4  Overall maintenance, regulation, and dispute resolution with respect to Celestial Fleet will be overseen by a Fleet Council.

2.5  Celestial Fleet will be utilized only for the specific purposes as outlined in this document and/or established by the strict mandate of the Fleet Council, and none other. Currently, this includes:

2.5.1        Celestial Fleet Organization, Ship Coordination

2.5.2        Celestial Fleet Council Meetings

2.5.3        Celestial Fleet Website

2.5.4        Celestial Fleet Newsletter

2.5.5        Celestial Fleet Dispute Resolution

2.5.6        Celestial Fleet Awards (to be established)

2.5.7        Appointment/Monitoing of Task Force Coordinator(s)


3.0  Fleet Council


3.1  The Fleet Council will be composed of one representative from each ship or starbase.

3.2  Each representative will be elected or appointed by the ship’s Captain and/or crew.  Each ship or starbase may elect or appoint a representative using whatever means that particular ship or starbase decides amongst themselves.

3.2.1        It is recommended that representatives be chosen based on their ability to fairly represent the needs/wishes of their respective crewmates, on their availability to participate in on-line discussions and/or e-mail debriefings with respect to fleet issues, and on their overall intelligence and open-mindedness.

3.2.2        The representative does NOT have to be a ship/starbase’s commanding officer.

3.2.3        A single player may have multiple characters on different ships.  Obviously, a single player cannot represent more than one ship at any given time.

3.3  The Fleet Council is responsible for overseeing the Fleet website, establishing Fleet guidelines, including awards, and dispute resolution.

3.3.1        The Fleet Council may attend to these responsibilities directly or through an appointed delegate.

3.3.2        The primary means of decision-making employed by the Fleet Council will be through DISCUSSION, either on-line or via e-mail.  The goal will always be for unanimous decisions regarding any Council decision.

3.3.3        Majority vote will apply ONLY in the event of irreconcilable differences among Council members.

3.4  The Fleet Council will not impose guidelines over the independent operation of member ships/starbases unless said independent operation unduly/unfairly infringes on the independent operation of another member ship/starbase.

3.4.1        With respect to this, the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE of the Fleet Council is to act as a facilitator and coordinator rather than as a governing body.

3.4.2        All guidelines, including Fleet Awards, will therefore be designed to work within the greatest operational parameters of all the member ships/starbases, no matter how radical.  In the event of a conflict, such as regarding the guidelines/qualifications of a particular award, the award will be dropped rather than impose requirements on an individual member ship/starbase.

3.4.3        For more details, please see 5.0.


4.0  Membership Requirements


4.1  Membership is open to any individual ship/starbase e-mail role-playing simulation based on the “Star Trek Universe”.

4.2   Member ships/starbases as described above are required to maintain a minimum of three real life individual players.

4.3  Member ships/starbases must establish individual guidelines and post them on their websites outlining operating parameters regarding the following:

4.3.1        Guidelines for Fleet Council representative election/appointment/etc.

4.3.2        Posting requirements, if any

4.3.3        Crew composition requirements, if any

4.3.4        Multiple crew per player limitations, if any

4.3.5        Ship awards, if any

4.3.6        Ship viewer advisory rating (e.g. G, PG, PG-13, R, etc.)

4.3.7        Posting guidelines (e.g. script and/or novel form, punctuation standards, courtesy expectations, etc.)

4.3.8        Promotion requirements, if any

4.3.9        Dispute resolution protocol

4.3.10    Participation or not in a “Task Force” or not as described in 6.0 below

4.4  New member ships/starbases can be established from existing members in the following situations:

4.4.1        The original member’s commanding officer approves.  This will typically entail “promoting” a lower-ranked officer to “Captaincy”. 

4.4.2        Criteria 4.2 is met.

4.4.3        The establishment of a new member does not cause the original member to fail to meet Criteria 4.2.

4.4.4        In the event of a dispute with respect to this, the Fleet Council can be petitioned by ANY crewmember of any member ship/starbase.


5.0  Ship/Starbase Operating Parameters


5.1  Each individual ship or starbase operates under the exclusive authority of that member ship/starbase’s commanding officer or designated governing body. 

5.1.1        If a ship chooses to operate under a more democratic system, involving crew majority voting, for example, the Fleet Council will recognize that authority.

5.2  Any operational parameter of each ship is under the control of that specific ship.  This goes to crew composition, posting requirements, number of characters each player can have aboard each ship, ship awards, etcetera.

5.2.1        For example, Ship A may have unlimited characters per player allowed, but a requirement that each CHARACTER must post once per week.  If Player X has four characters aboard Ship A, then Player X must post a total of four times per week, one per character.

5.2.2        Ship B may limit characters per player to two, but not have a posting requirement.

5.2.3        Ship C may limit characters per player to two and have a posting requirement.

5.2.4        Player X is allowed to have characters on multiple ships, but Player X MUST MEET any requirements for his/her characters on EVERY ship.

5.3  Crewmembers dissatisfied with their particular ship may circumvent the usual chain of command and petition the Fleet Council for dispute resolution, but the Fleet Council will base its decision on the guidelines as established in 3.4 above.


6.0  Task Force Coordinator—A Proposal


6.1  Task Force Coordinator will be a revolving position based either on appointment or volunteer, depending on its popularity.

6.1.1        The Task Force Coordinator will serve as such for a period of two months.

6.2  Anyone who is interested is eligible for this position.

6.3  A Task Force will be composed of a limited number of interested ships.  There may be more than one Task Force within Celestial Fleet, with one Coordinator per Task Force.

6.4  The Task Force Coordinator’s sole responsibility is to monitor the posts of his/her designated Task Force with the goal of injecting a little fun, random twist to the adventures of the member ships/starbases, with the primary idea of coordinating member ships into spontaneous joint missions.

6.4.1        For example, if Ship A is patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone, and encounters Romulan covert activity, and Ship B has encountered a Ferengi Marauder with mysterious cargo aboard, the Task Force Coordinator might interject a post that Ship A finds a Ferengi Marauder meeting up with the Romulans, and that Ship B discovers that the cargo aboard the Ferengi ship is a Romulan cloaking device!  That would then initiate a joint mission between Ships A and B.

6.5  The Coordinator must receive permission from each ship/starbase’s commanding officer or governing body before interjecting.



Prepared by Tavik, USS Liberty.  To be reviewed by Priscilla Myst, USS Griffin; Liam Millar, USS Liberty; Ashla Bogan, USS Goldeneye

Accepted by USS Griffin and USS Liberty, April 21, 2002.

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